Friday, March 9, 2007

Traveling to Tam Ky

When we think of orphans we think of children without parents. That can also be the situation in Vietnam, but often babies and children are dropped off at orphanges and street children programs by the parents because of poverty, like the one in Tam Ky, a rural town south of DaNang.

Thursday, our hearts were stolen by the children at Tam Ky orphanage and Tam Ky Street Children Program. One of the most moving moments was meeting Nga,a beautiful 19 year old deaf girl. Children of Vietnam will be bringing her to DaNang, where she will join other young deaf adults at the Bread of Life. We will have her hearing evaluated and determine further opportunities for her education.


Teresa and kids said...

Nga is a wonderful girl. She knows a lot of Vietnamese sign language and is very bright. Given the chance, she will do very well. While in Tam Ky, I'd heard rumor that she'd be going to Da Nang, but had been told it was right after Tet and when she remained at the Home of Affection I was a bit worried she wouldn't be going. Sounds like she will!

Danielle Sharkey said...

I volunteered in Tam Ky last summer and I got the chance to meet Nga while she was working at Bread of Life in Da Nang (or Pizza Plus as we called it). It seems like she is doing really well. She often cooks out back but because I was eating with a friend of hers, she came out to the table and communicated with us.
She is very lively and seems to be having a lot of fun!