Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tam Ky Newborn Orphanage

We were fortunate to visit Tam Ky Newborn Orphanage a second time during our trip. The pictures below are just some of the infants we delighted in visiting and seeing how well they are doing. COV provides milk, food, and vitamins for these precious children.


Teresa and kids said...

Oh my favorite babies in Tam Ky! I volunteered at the orphanage in January and February with my two children. I love those kids there, especially Fat Baby and Lan and Kieu and Tu and.... I am very interested in the work you are doing there. Especially if there is a way to help out the baby with the cleft lip.

Anonymous said...

i'm leave in Canada, I don't speak english very good but i try to writing.

very beautiful ophanage in Tan Ky. I,m going to Tam ky at august 2008 to adoting my little baby (girl) I hope so.
If you have any picture of children please send me. tanks.

Pam said...


My name is Pamela, and Tai Than now known as Lilly Tai was my baby. She is is the beauty being held by the volunteer and also one of the two little babies pictured above. If you have any information about Lilly Tai, please contact me at, and also please visit my website at Thank you so much for helping to take care of my sweet heart before we were able to get to Vietnam to adopt her. I also got a message from the volunteer that is pictured through Danie, and I would love to make individual contact as well.

Thank you and love,
Pamela Brown and the Brown Family

Jackson said...

Is this an orphanage in the state of Kentucky? I am looking for KY orphanages. Please let me know any info you have at Thank You for any help.

Pam said...

Tam Ky is an orgphane in Vietnam. We adopted our daughter from there. My daughter's name is Tai Than (now Lilly Tai) in case anyone knows her. We are in touch with a few volunteers (Danielle and others).


Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,

I adopted my son Nhat Huy in January 2009 and wonder if you remember him--he was born 11. 2007--and wonder if you remember him. I also know Ma Ba and she sends Nhat e-mails a few times a year.

Please do let me know as I cherish all memories of him.