Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The many faces of the Children of Vietnam...

One Very Happy Day!

What a joy we shared today in the dedication of a new kindergarten in rural Quang Nam province. The school was built with funding from COV donors and will provide early education for the children of this community. Our visitors were treated to quite a reception by government officials, parents and children. The festivities included dancing, singing and many smiles.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Visit to the Ancient City of Hoi An

Our staff and visitors had a blast visiting Hoi An. This was a day to enjoy the sites of Vietnam. We toured the city and saw how silk is made through the cultivation of the silk warm. I think everyone had some clothing made from the beautiful fabrics. The highlight of the day, was a trip on a riverboat to see the sights along the river. This included watching a fisherman casting his net.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The gift of a home!

Safe housing is something that most of us take for granted. In Vietnam, many families do not have the luxury of dry and safe housing. Our team has seen families in dire need of a home to protect their family. We have also seen families who have received new homes built by our donors.

On Saturday, we dedicated a house for a family that included a single mother and her daughter. There were smile of happiness and tears of gratitude. That same day, we visited a single mother with two daughters in need of a house. There, we saw tears of desperation. Children of Vietnam, with funding from Dining for Women, built the first house and plans to turn the tears of fear and sadness into tears of joy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A touching moment with a new friend!

There are times in our lives when a moment touches us deep within our being. Such a moment happened to the COV team when we visited the Center for the Aged and Handicapped in Hoi An. We met a young man lying in a flat wheel cart. He spoke some English and interacted with us. Cory, one of our visitors, was very moved by his situation and asked if he would like a wheelchair that would allow him to sit up. His eyes lit up and he squealed with delight. Everyone was brought to tears. This young man will get a modified wheel chair and Cory has made a new friend.

Welcome to Danang!

Ben Wilson and a team of visitors arrived in DaNang on Wed, March 3 and were welcomed by the COV staff and children from the Street Children Program. The team visited a kindergarten, which is under construction and will be dedicated on March 11.

In addition, the group visited Tam Ky orphanage where they delivered toys and clothing to the children donated by residents from Winston-Salem.

A special visit in Saigon


On Tuesday, March 3, Ben Wilson and a group from COV went to visit a young girl with ichthyosis, a genetic skin condition. The team brought in lotions and clothing to assist with her treatment. A doctor was present to help with the use of the lotions and will follow-up with her care.