Sunday, March 8, 2009

A touching moment with a new friend!

There are times in our lives when a moment touches us deep within our being. Such a moment happened to the COV team when we visited the Center for the Aged and Handicapped in Hoi An. We met a young man lying in a flat wheel cart. He spoke some English and interacted with us. Cory, one of our visitors, was very moved by his situation and asked if he would like a wheelchair that would allow him to sit up. His eyes lit up and he squealed with delight. Everyone was brought to tears. This young man will get a modified wheel chair and Cory has made a new friend.

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dianenappa said...

My heart goes out to all of you doing the work. The young man in the wheelchair was full of life despite all odds. Thank you for giving him a reason to believe in people. Its the small things to us that are big to people like this young man. Koryn you are making a difference in peoples lives and I am so proud of you. This picture tells more than anyone knows. Love you Mom