Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Monday was a busy day…

We finally met Tung, who in partnership with Facing the World, received facial reconstruction in London and returned home to Danang with his mother after 5 months of treatment.

Next our group participated in the award of 46 bicycles to poor students in Hoa Vang District. School for these children is about 3 miles away and a bike is the difference between going or staying at home. Smiles were abounding!

In the afternoon we drove out into the country to visit a family whose home had been completely destroyed by the Oct 1 Typhoon. In addition to committing to building a new home, Children of Vietnam offered to provide the family with two bicycles so their 3 children would have transportation to school. They were very grateful. Upon hearing our offer, the mother immediately said, “One bike will be enough, as there are other families in need.” We were all humbled with her concern for others.

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Jane - COV Boardmember said...

Hi All--So glad you arrived safely. I've been checking for updates. Glad to hear all of your good news. Please keep posting!